Who Will Write Our History

TV Documentary, 2018

Milk created visual effects for Holocaust documentary ‘Who Will Write Our History’, directed by Roberta Grossman.

The feature length doc is based on the book ‘Who Will Write Our History’, by Samuel Kassow; which tells the story of  The Secret Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto during the time of the Holocaust.

Milk worked on a number of archive stills and footage, seamlessly adding in actors to bring the shots and story to life.

To find out more about this project visit: http://whowillwriteourhistory.com/

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Visual Effects Supervisor
– Murray Barber

Visual Effects Executive Producer
– Will Cohen

Visual Effects Line Producer
– Natalie Reid

Visual Effects Coordinator
– Ellie McCarthy

Visual Effects On Set Supervision
– David Jones
– Barney Curnow

Matchmove Artists
– Joseph Arnold
– Amy Felce

Digital Matte Painter
–  Simon Wicker

Lead Compositor
– Tamsie Thomas

– Robin Cape
– Vasco Cerqueira
– Henning Glabbart
– Myfanwy Harris
– Lorenzo Marconi
– Matthew McDougal

Rotoscope Artist
– Tiago Cabrita

Visual Effects Editor
– Andrea Pirisi

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