Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

TV Drama, 2013

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Our team has been creating the VFX for the BBC’s Doctor Who since its regeneration in 2005. Their work has been recognised with industry awards including a BAFTA Craft Award, a VES Award and an RTS Award.

Find out how they brought cinematic VFX to the small screen in this behind-the-scenes making of for Series 7 of the ever-popular TV show.



  • Production Company: BBC Wales
  • Director: Saul Metzstein
  • Executive Producer: Steven Moffat, Caroline Skinner
  • Producer: Marcus Wilson
  • Director of Photography: Stephan Pehrsson
  • Writer: Chris Chibnall

Behind the scenes production:

  • Director: Oliver Briginshaw, Hugo Vaughan-Hughes
  • Editor: Oliver Briginshaw, Hugo Vaughan-Hughes

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Will Cohen VFX Executive Producer
Jenna Powell VFX Producer
Murray Barber VFX Supervisor
James Moxon Comp Lead
Matthew McKinney CG Supervisor
David Bennett Animation Lead
Anita Emor VFX Coordinator
Natalie Reid VFX Coordinator

Mark Bright VFX Editor
Robin Hinch VFX Editor

Jon Brown Shoot Supervisor
Mark Vincent Colourist


Jeff North Modeller

David Jones Rigging/Creature TD

Amy Cuthbertson Matchmove Lead
Anthony Northman Matchmove Artist
Kwai Ip Matchmove Artist
Jacob Flint Matchmove Artist

Rob Byrne Animator
Ruth Bailey Animator

Nick Webber FX TD
Andy Guest FX TD
Dominic Carus FX TD
James Reid FX TD

Darren Byford Lighting Lead
Dom Alderson Lighting TD

Simon Wicker Matte Painting Lead
Lyndall Spagnoletti Matte Painter
Turlo Griffin Matte Painter
Serdar Sigma Matte Painter

Clement Hingrai Compositor
Eleanor Sutton Compositor
Frank Hanna Compositor
Henning Glabbart Compositor
Matthew McDougal Compositor
Rosemary Chester Compositor
Sarah Iduwe Compositor
Theajo Nagarajan Compositor
Alberto Lara Compositor
Greg Spencer Compositor
Patrick Altmaier Compositor
Sara Bennett Compositor
Shizuka Fukuda Compositor

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