3rd May 2020

Need some support during lockdown? Check out Access VFX podcast series!

Jenny Burbage
Posted 3rd May 2020

We’re a proud member of Access VFX – the awesome industry-led non-profit, kick-started two years ago to promote careers and opportunities in VFX as well as encouraging inclusion and diversity.

And their work hasn’t stopped in lockdown… They’ve created a series of super helpful lockdown podcasts designed to offer support and tips for a variety of key areas of wellbeing; from ‘maintaining your personal brand in lockdown’ to ‘staying well while staying in’ (part one and two!) and ‘caring during lockdown’.

Our VFX Producer Rory Jones and Head of PR Jenny Burbage have both taken part in the lockdown podcast series, offering up their experience and top tips alongside the rest of the Access VFX crew.

Some of the podcasts were also recorded live on YouTube. You can listen (and watch) here…https://www.accessvfx.org/podcast

Want to know more about the fabulous work that Access VFX does to promote careers in VFX as well as inclusion and diversity? Do you need some advice or are you interested in being a mentor or being mentored? https://www.accessvfx.org

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