6th May 2019

Milk Talks Cloud Rendering Pipeline At FMX 2019

Jenny Burbage
Posted 6th May 2019

Benoit Leveau our head of Pipeline & Systems headed over to FMX last week to join Mike Owen from Amazon Web Services AWS; Passion Picture’s Jason Nicholas and Untold Studio’s Sam Reid – for Amazon’s panel session on cloud rendering pipelines for real world production.

What if you could solve the ever-growing challenge of data/content synchronization, or the continued maintenance of an aging physical footprint of graphics desktop infrastructure?

Panellists discussed how AWS and its partners are helping studios leverage cloud elasticity and economies of scale to deliver projects on time and on budget across the globe.

The panel covered several post-production pipelines that are currently being used to produce some of the most popular, award-winning content for the big and small screen. Benoit and his co-panellists discussed in detail their own choices they made in building their Amazon Web Services enabled pipeline for hybrid burst cloud compute as well as the idea of a cloud-first studio model where there is no storage, workstations or compute on-premises.

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