20th February 2018

Dinosaurs in The Wild Roars Into London

Jenny Burbage
Posted 20th February 2018

Dinosaurs In The Wild – a new immersive theatrical event has just roared into London’s Greenwich Peninsula this February. Spectators are transported 67 million years back in time to the Cretaceous period to experience a dinosaur safari, inches from a ferocious looking furry-maned T Rex!

Our talented team spent 18 months bringing to life eight species of large-scale CG dinosaurs and their environment in 72 minutes of detailed dinosaur animation for five 12,000 frame, 6K sequences in stereoscopic 3D. The team processed a ground-breaking 77 million frames in the cloud in under 3 months for the ambitious project. (Without the Cloud the same work would have taken 2 or maybe 3 years to pull off!)

Find out more and book tickets here https://dinosaursinthewild.com

A departure from the TV and film VFX projects we usually create, our team explain in this article how they approached and solved the key challenges of this unique and ambitious project; from the creative process, to optimising our pipeline and our methodology for rendering a giant groundbreaking volume of data in the cloud.


But we also recommend reading this review by Shortlist… brilliant! https://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/jurassic-park-dinosaurs-in-the-wild/346466


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