Good Omens

TV Drama, 2017

Milk created 650 VFX shots for Neil Gaiman and Amazon Studios/BBC’s apocalyptic six-part comedy; completing a wide range of creature, environment and effects work – from Satan, a Kraken and a Hellhound; a CG Bentley tearing around London; the M25 on fire to Soho and Atlantis and an alien spaceship!

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Milk was the principal VFX vendor for Amazon and the BBC’s six-part TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s hotly anticipated apocalyptic comedy Good Omens – creating 650 shots within a five month post turnaround – all overseen by award-winning VFX supervisor and Milk co-founder Jean-Claude Deguara.

Equal parts humour, horror, fantasy and drama, Good Omens was adapted by Neil Gaiman who also served as Showrunner and directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

David Tennant plays the demon Crowley, while Michael Sheen is the angel Aziraphale who join forces to prevent Armageddon. Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean and comedian Jack Whitehall also have roles in the series.

Good Omens was shot in London, Oxfordshire and locations in South Africa.

The series premiered on Amazon Prime in May 2019 and on BBC2 in January 2020.

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