Get Santa

Feature Film, 2014

Milk created the visual effects for Scott Free’s Christmas 2014 feature film Get Santa.

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Milk created the visual effects for Scott Free’s Christmas 2014 feature film Get Santa.

Milk’s work included an expanding chimney which Santa travels down; a CG lock pick; a CG reindeer bottom and tail to create a farting reindeer comedy moment; 2D reindeer fixes; a CG fly and digital matte painting work on the night-time Primrose Hill environment when Santa’s sleigh takes off at the end of the film.

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Nick Drew VFX Executive Producer
Mariangela Suma VFX Line Producer
Sara Bennett VFX Supervisor
Nicolas Hernandez CG Supervisor
Sarah Williamson VFX Production Assistant
Collette Nunes VFX Editor

Sam Lucas Modelling/Texture Supervisor
Neil Roche Rigging Supervisor
Amy Felce Matchmove Supervisor
David Bennett Animation Supervisor
James Reid FX Supervisor


Jason Brown Modeller & Texturer
Gavin Platt Junior Modeller & Texturer

Will Pryor Rigger

Natalie Rocks Matchmove Artist
Robert Nzengou-Tayo Matchmove Artist

Joe Tarrant Animator
Will Correia Animator

Nick Webber FX TD
Muzaffer Korkut FX TD

Bastien Mortelecque Lighting TD
Jan Schubert Lighting TD
Dom Alderson Lighting TD

Turlo Griffin Matte Painter

Henning Glabbart Compositor
Luciano Lopes Compositor
Vasco Cerqueira Junior Compositor
Ross Allen Junior Compositor
Elisa Simoncelli Junior Compositor
Guy Lubin Junior Compositor

Daniel Pereira Roto Prep
Tomi George Roto Prep
Chris West Roto Prep

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