4th May 2017

Doctor Who 10 – Creative Review – Debut episode “The Pilot”

Broadcast, Will Strauss

20 APRIL, 2017

Doctor Who

Creation and delivery of more than 800 visual effects shots for series 10 of the cult sci-fi series.



BBC Wales

Create and deliver visual effects shots for series 10 of the cult sci-fi series.

How it was done
For the first episode, Milk created all of the water FX and built a range of environments including Sydney, alien planets and a ‘Time Vortex’ whirlpool. For one key shot, underwater footage of the character Heather, with her eyes open staring at the camera, was composited into a puddle on an alien planet.

150 VFX shots were created for episode one with more than 800 required across the series. Other VFX included 3D water simulations, swarm simulations, set extensions, full CG creatures and 2D comps. Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Arnold and Shotgun were used.

The VFX supervisor was Murray Barber, with James Reid supervising CG and Henning Glabbart managing the 2D. The VFX producer was Louise Hastings.

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