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How Milk Orchestrated The Devastating Space Helmet Drowning In Intergalactic

VFX Supervisor JC Deguara and the crew tell Ian Failes how they made the dramatic sequence possible

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29 Sep 2022AC_catalysts @MTH_Conference @HeSunVFX @RebellionFilmTV @RotorFilm @HeSunVFX is now @MilkVFX ! A lot of announcements @MTH_Conference today!

⏩Our very own VFX supe and real time specialist He Sun has been in Berlin today @mthpotsdam 💡🏛

He joined Nexus’ Director of Real Time Production Kim Adams and YINGZI Y. founder of Metaverse Summit to wax lyrical on innovating in the convergent space between games and film; 🕹🎬what these industries can learn from each other and the metaverse… in the ‘Merging tech, melting the silos: How mediatech builds the metaverse’ panel 🧭

We can’t wait to catch up with him and hear all about it 🎙💬🤓

#alwayslearning #vfx #gaming #realtime #mthpotsdam #mthcon22 #mth #metaverse

Check out the event via our link in bio..👆


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