24th February 2016

The VFX Festival 2016 – Milk’s Clare Norman Joins The Women In Industry Panel

Dixon Baxi

A few members of the team headed to the VFX Festival this week at the O2 in Greenwich.

The VFX Festival is a development from Escape Studios, a segment of Pearson College London in 2013. The festival aims to bring together a number of people from all sides of the VFX, games and animation industries.

The first session was a Women in Industry panel with female professionals from a wide range of roles in the VFX industry from Lisa Maffi, Executive Producer at Bleed VFX, to Michelle Blok from Third Floor.

Blok from Third Floor.


The discussion centered around the women’s experience of the industry, how they got to the position they were in now and what the path’s were that took them there.

Jenny Richard Saunders (Women in Games) and Gina Jackson (NextGen), are both part of organisations which promote and support the progression of women in the industry. They were both advocates of the mutual benefits of mentoring initiatives to help new talent navigate the industry.

It was acknowledged that for various reasons commercially and socially, it’s important for the industry to be as equal as possible and for this reason it’s necessary to ensure animation and VFX remain accessible to the next generation.


A later session was with Tom Box, Co-Founder of Blue Zoo animation studio. Tom spoke about their practice of taking time out to do collaborative non-commercial projects such as ‘Commuter glitch’. An opportunity for the whole studio to make something together and be fully creative.

He also spoke about his 10 top tips for a thriving studio. We particularly liked point no10.


The next session was by Barry Corcuran from Rushes describing the motion graphics and digital storytelling they did for James Bond film Spectre. A labour of love lasting 13 months it was fascinating to hear about the UI breakdown and how closely they worked with Director Sam Mendes to achieve the results in the film.

It was an insightful morning, an opportunity for sharing commercial experiences, motivations that drive people’s success, and a really valuable chance to ignite creative conversation. We are looking forward to next year! – See more at: http://dixonbaxi.com/vfx-festival-2016/#sthash.GqWSD4qL.dpuf

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