6th June 2019

Great Effects For Amazon’s Good Omens

Creative Cow, Tim Wilson

VFX Supe JC Deguara talks through how Milk made 650 VFX shots for six episodes of apocalyptic comedy for Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens

Having become familiar with Milk’s VFX work over the years, I couldn’t help but think that Good Omens was exactly in their wheelhouse: epic scale, covering a wide range of effects disciplines, and an approach I’ve come to think of as “grounded fantasy”. Neil was very specific about, the war between Heaven and Hell notwithstanding, wanting a world that’s recognizably this one. That’s what’s driving the story, after all, that this world is worth saving.

There were still many hundreds of effects shots to provide in a remarkably tight timeframe, six hours of finished work produced in considerably less time than a typical two-hour feature film is typically afforded, with quality needing to very much hold its own against those very feature films that might be viewed in the same streaming sitting as these episodes.

The planning actually began before Milk even bid on the job. Both JC and Jenna agreed with my assessment that Good Omens was right up Milk’s alley – “That variety of work, those kinds of creative challenges: that’s exactly what our crew relishes,” says Jenna – which is what sent JC to check out the book of Good Omens for himself.

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