VFX Producer

Location: London

We’re looking for experienced, enthusiastic VFX Producers to join our team on an exciting range of episodic TV series and film projects this year.

The VFX Producer is responsible for managing artists, schedule and client expectations. Working in conjunction with VFX Supervisors to ensure the smooth running of a production within the client-led deadlines.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Mapping efficient shot schedules, including pre-production planning
  2. Tracking shots to completion in partnership with creative Supervisors
  3. Tracking and recording all changes to scope of work and verifying change orders
  4. Anticipating special project requirements (software, hardware, space) and ensuring needs are communicated
  5. Attending client reviews and facilitating a dialogue regarding clarity of notes and implications on schedule to manage client expectation
  6. Reporting overall project status during weekly production meetings and as required
  7. Monitoring overall Bid vs Actuals
  8. Creating and managing delivery schedules for the project and maintaining weekly client status reports
  9. Ensuring project deliverables are managed and completed according to schedule
  10. Communicating changes in crewing needs to Resources Manager

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