CG Supervisor

Location: London

The CG Supervisor will determine the technical approach and any of the requirements needed to achieve the finalized look for projects.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Working closely with VFX Supervisors to create a vision and plan on delivering the given brief
  • Assisting with supervising the artists in achieving artistic goals of the production
  • Designing and supervising the creation of CG imagery
  • A good understanding of the VFX Pipeline
  • Troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise
  • Ensure teams are working efficiently and productively to meet all deadlines
  • Working closely with Production by assisting with any required bidding
  • Supervising the Technical Directors in solving any issues
  • Manage render times and flag any issues to assist others in planning
  • Designing any required tools needed for the production
  • Working closely with HR to define recruiting goals
  • Hands-on contributer through all stages of asset and shot production

Required Skills:

  • A team leader who has very strong qualities and initiatives
  • Highly organized individual who can manage a team
  • 5 + years of work experience as a CG Supervisor preferrably in TV and Filam
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills


To apply, please fill out an application form by clicking here. 

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