14th November 2022

‘Milk Mondays’ – Featuring VFX Production Assistant AJ Paguyo

Jenny Burbage
Posted 14th November 2022

Welcome back to Milk Mondays…

Where we get to show off our lovely lot and share a little bit of their wisdom, what makes them tick and what they get up to when they’re not making VFX ?

This Monday we’re shining the light on our brilliant Production Assistant AJ

Read on to find out more!


AJ How long have you been working at Milk? 

About five months teehee! Still a fresh faced newbie, but slowly settling in and learning more and more VFX terminology and integrating into the office.


What do you like about working here? 

Everyone has welcomed me with warm arms and I can’t help but give praise to Lauren (Lauren Nicol is one of our talented VFX Line Producers), she has been the best teacher, I would be so lost without her guidance and big love to her for looking after me. Hehe, you de best, yissss! 

Milk has a certain quirkiness and I thought that fitted well with me. When I first saw the name of our company I couldn’t help but scream MILKYYY! It‘s the cutest thing.

For someone who had only a little experience in the VFX world I tried my chances applying and here I am, my future here is yet to unfold and I’m very pleased and excited to join a flourishing VFX house at such a transitional period. 


Did you always want to be a VFX Producer? 

I never imagined I would dive into the VFX industry, I always wanted to become an architect growing up which led me to pursue those dreams studying Architecture at Nottingham Trent. Later I had a change of heart and wanted to become a writer and artist. Design will always have a place in my heart and will be very useful when I design my future ‘dream house’. 

So as someone who is an avid fan and passionate about film and TV, my new VFX career path was the perfect thing with my design background. The transition into this role and industry was unexpected and that makes it all the more adventurous. Maybe someday in the future I’ll get an opportunity to write a script for an upcoming project or become an Art Director… 

As a VFX Production Assistant, I’m at the best place I can be to educate myself and grow. So far I am observing everything and doing my job to the best of my ability, although I am still new to all this I know I’ll reach a point where being a Producer is next in line or eventually an Art Director!

I am living every moment and ready to soak up everything! 


How did you get into VFX Production?

My flatmates and dear friends, who live and breathe the VFX industry. They’re artists and make the magic we see on our screens. It flattens me how much creative work is put into these episodic tv shows and feature films that the majority of it was all VFX and not real. Through them I got my first introduction into VFX and all its goodness, and I’m hooked.  


What’s the best bit of your job? 

Seeing a certain famous hunk on my screen at work everyday! I would name him if I could but for now I must keep quiet – you’ll all get to see him in 2023! 


Your favourite project at Milk and why?

The film project I’m working on right now! Goes a little something like baby shark doodoodoo.. 


What does your typical day look like? (give us all the deets – morning til night :D)

My day consists of Dailies, picking out key information from my supervisor Neil (Neil Roche, Milk’s Head of 3D) and getting my notes out before lunchtime for my artists. It’s deliveries/packages day in and out, patiently waiting for Neil’s greenlight approval. 

To weekly client reviews, this is the crucial part of my working week. Client feedback given is the icing on the cake, work is consistently getting improved and honed. It’s looking out for each department, and making sure artists are aligned in the right direction. And the best bit of my day is of course chasing everyone *evil laugh*

I’m the listener, the messenger and middle-woman communicating between client and artist. Making sure we’re on track and delivering on time with new and better shots each day. There’s data, feedback, requests and deadlines that need attention. I’m my Line Producer Lauren’s right arm. She and Neil make the final calls and I assist all the necessary tasks. It‘s all thrilling but what sticks out the most is seeing the project unfold from being so raw to the insane visuals that get released! EEKKKK 


Your top 3 key ingredient/s for creating amazing work?

Vision, Drive and Perseverance. And the occasional bonkers moments, but only a few. Lastly, never stop being curious!


What do you love about working in VFX? 

Being part of such an extensive and talented industry who are all creatives in mind. I admire all the hard work each individual puts into each project. This industry can be tough but through it all a masterpiece awakens and we all took part in it. 

It’s togetherness, teamwork, dedication and getting assigned into awesome projects!


Advice to your younger self (when starting out in the industry)

Do not doubt yourself. There’s great potential in everything that you do. Stay wild, keep fantasising. Your visions have yet to be manifested and become something great. You are right where you need to be. Do every hobby under the sun, be expressive and always stay curious!


What’s the secret of your success? 

Persevere. Take criticism and use that as motivation and inspiration. Don’t dwell in doubt and just do. Act on it and become an explorer. Never limit yourself to just one thing, try all kinds of professions and hobbies. Never forget to ground yourself and stay humble with your failures and achievements because there is always room for improvement.


What do you like doing when you’re not working in production?

I love writing, that’s my passion. It’s my core and makes me vulnerable and is where I feel the most at peace. As one who daydreams I have the wildest visions. I pour out my soul into my poetry, and although it’s under construction one day I’ll reach a lifetime where my entries come to life. From paper to a visual art form. That’s the dream baby! 

But on a daily basis I look after my precious green plants, my monstera deliciosa and its beautiful massive leaves. 


Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

It’s something I try to keep a secret..but my hobby is dancing. And I love it. I used to compete and receive championship awards with my dance crew many moons ago. 

Nowadays it’s a little boogie or a 2 step bounce, or I dance in my sleep pahahaha 


And just for fun..

What’s the one thing you always keep on your desk?

My avocado plushie, some cookies and green tea!



I’m overdue to be an Doberman/Cavapoo/Pomerinian owner *tears* 


Last present you bought yourself?

Red Hot Chili Pepper concert tickets *screams internally* 

This was the best night of my life!


What would be your superpower?

To relive memories. The kind where you can play back a funny moment and wished I got it on camera, that!


What are you learning at the moment?

I’m learning all sorts of new things on my current project. I’m just amazed at the level of work that goes into creating a film. But it’s educating myself with knowledge about VFX, all its code names and understanding the Pipeline and the importance of my department, Production. 


Bonus question:

Tea or coffee ?  one sugar or two? 

  • Green Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast – morning teas!
  • Brewed coffee in my mums Moka pot, that’s a real delight after a siesta 
  • Mocha, 3 shot espresso with coconut milk – only at Watchouse


Anything else you’d like to tell us?!

If you’re also a keen writer, let me know and we can cook up some heated literature!


Awright Guv’nah

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