17th September 2020

Wolves, Castles & Waterfalls – here’s our Cursed VFX Breakdown!

Jenny Burbage
Posted 17th September 2020

May we present our VFX breakdown reel for Cursed – Netflix’ episodic re-telling of the Arthurian legend.

Milk created a variety of work on Cursed, creating 390 shots encompassing a pack of CG wolves developed from concept through to animation, as well as a forest environment in which Nimue fights with them; and a dramatic waterfall environment where a combat sequence takes place at the climax of the final episode.

Milk’s brief also included a number of magical environments: the CG Culzean Castle and subterranean world environments for the Leper Kingdom; the underground chasm at Cailleach; digi-doubles of heroine Nimue and the Paladins for the waterfall sequence; the green Fey forge fire; and the glow and effects on the sword. The studio also created additional environments and effects, including chopping off the hands of the character Bors.

Milk’s work was lead by VFX Supervisor Ciaran Crowley and VFX producer Jenna Powell, working closely with overall VFX Supervisor Dave Houghton.

Adapted from award-winning artist Frank Miller and acclaimed-screenwriter Thomas Wheeler’s animated novel of the same name, Netflix’  Cursed is a reimagining of the Arthurian legend told from the perspective of teenage sorceress Nimue (Katherine Langford). Armed with mysterious powers and a legendary sword, young rebel Nimue joins forces with charming mercenary Arthur on a mission to find Merlin, deliver the sword and save her people.

Watch our breakdown here

Milk VFX – Cursed – Breakdown reel from Milk visual effects on Vimeo.

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