23rd February 2018

Annihilation Is Here!

Jenny Burbage
Posted 23rd February 2018

Alex Garland’s much anticipated new sci-fi feature Annihilation has dropped on Netflix today and we are very excited indeed!

Milk had the privilege of working with VFX Supe Andrew Whitehurst on the visual effects  – our second collaboration with him on an Alex Garland film –  having worked together on the Oscar-winning VFX for Ex-Machina.

In Andrew’s words we urge you to see it on the biggest screen you can!

Andrew Whitehurst (@andrewrjw)
I hope those of you who are able, and want, to see @AnnihilationMov today, get to see it on the biggest screen you can. It’s a trip, and represents the work of the brilliant people I am fortunate to collaborate with at @dneg, @nvizible, @MilkVFX and @unionvfx. Legends all. #VFXpic.twitter.com/HZOHg5wnpx

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