19th February 2018

Milk’s Dave Goodbourn talks cloud rendering and virtual workstations at BVE 2018

Jenny Burbage
Posted 19th February 2018

The Cloud took centre stage at last week’s BVE and our Dave Goodbourn (Head of Systems) was right there, taking part in a panel tackling the movement of workflows to the cloud, alongside ITV, Ooyala and Vidispine.

“If you want to grow exponentially, you look to the cloud,” summed up Dave.

“We took on a project [Dinosaurs In The Wild, pictured above] where we knew it had to be done in the cloud, as there was no physical way we could have done it in-house. We worked out it would have cost £10m to buy the kit to do it on-premises, whereas it cost us around £500,000 to render it in the cloud.”

“It’s cloud all the way for us from now on,” added Goodbourn. “We’re already starting to put workstations in the cloud and it’s a race to put the first facility in the cloud in the next few years.”

Going to the cloud for large-scale rendering can be a huge cost saving, but even when there is less of a saving, the ability to scale up to churn through work at much faster rates frees up artists and means they can have a better work-life balance, said Goodbourn.

“It also makes your work better, as you can spin through more iterations of the VFX.”

Read more about the session in this piece by Broadcast’s Jake Bickerton..


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