16th November 2017

Our Dave Goodbourn talks Dinosaurs & Cloud Rendering at Expo ’17

Jenny Burbage
Posted 16th November 2017

How Milk rendered 78 million frames in the cloud in 10 weeks for special event Dinosaurs In The Wild

Our very own Dave Goodbourn was down at Bluegfx’s Expo ’17 last week, sharing insights into how Milk approached a render solution for our ambitious special event project ‘Dinosaurs In The Wild’.

We processed 77 million frames at 4K in under 3 months, delivering 72 minutes of detailed dinosaur animation in terrifying clarity. Without the Cloud the same work would have taken 2 or maybe 3 years to pull off!

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has enabled Milk to build a cloud based render solution that dramatically expands the scale at which we can work.

Find out more about Dinosaurs In The Wild here http://www.milk-vfx.com/project/dinosaurs-in-the-wild/

Find our more about Expo’17 here https://www.bluegfx.com/expo

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