9th October 2017

Milk’s Sara Bennett joins AMPAS London Film Festival Panel

Jenny Burbage
Posted 9th October 2017

Recreating Reality: On The Road To The VFX Oscar – Sara Bennett joins Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and fellow VFX Oscar winners Andrew Lockley and Neil Corbould

Our Milk co-founder and resident Oscar® winner Sara Bennett was down at the BFI London Film Festival on Friday morning, to take part in a special panel with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

‘On the Road to the VFX Oscar’ revealed how the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category is judged by the Academy and heard from some of the UK’s most brilliant Oscar® winning VFX supervisors.

Academy CEO Dawn Hudson, was joined by Sara who is the first female VFX Supervisor to win an Oscar®, (Ex Machina), double-Oscar®-winning VFX Supervisor Andrew Lockley, (Intersteller & Inception) and Oscar®-winning VFX Supervisor Neil Corbould who won for Gravity & Gladiator. The panel was chaired by BBC journalist Helen Bushby.





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