7th June 2016

5,4,3,2,1… Milk’s Thunderbirds Are Go series one breakdown is here….

Jenny Burbage
Posted 7th June 2016


We’ve been having a (ehem) blast! We’re just a bit excited to share our breakdown for Thunderbirds series one…as we proudly speed on with production on series 2 (26 x 30’) for ITV Studios.

Working with ITV we set up a seamless international VFX workflow to bring together Weta Workshop’s live-action miniatures; Pukeko Pictures’ post-vis plates and the CGI characters and vehicles.

We’re managing a huge 400 shots per episode over 18 months, so we built a bespoke pipeline to composite every shot together and create and apply the signature finished 3D look with 2D effects.

Even live-action plates with no CG are given special treatment by Milk to ensure continuity of style throughout.

Our brief includes look dev, creation and enhancement of key environments  from underwater, to space and storm scenes. We also created lighting for the CG Thunderbirds vehicles.

Our very own Liam Tully (who looks after the production and makes sure it all runs smoothly) says….“We’re REALLY pleased with all the 2D effects we’ve made for season 1… but especially the massive explosion shot in the final episode where The Hood’s ship is destroyed and explodes as Thunderbirds 1 and 2 rip it apart. It was real challenge getting the skies and tone of the environments absolutely right in this scene. We think it’s a beaut!”

Wish us luck on our continuing mission into series 2!


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