3rd October 2022

Milk Moves To New Clerkenwell Facility, Makes Host…

Broadcast, Max Miller
3rd October 2022

The Woman King VFX Supe Sara Bennett Details…

Animation Magazine, Trevor Hogg
9th August 2022

Loud Minds partner with Milk VFX to create…

British Cinematographer
5th August 2022

Loud Minds Partners with Milk VFX for NBC…

VFX Wire, Tanya Combrinck
4th August 2022

Loud Minds Partner with Milk VFX to Create…

UK Screen Alliance
4th August 2022

Milk to create VFX for upcoming Surviving Earth…

Post Magazine, Marc Loftus
4th August 2022

Milk to Create VFX for Loud Minds’ Surviving…

Televisual, Jon Creamer
4th August 2022

Milk on board for Surviving Earth VFX

Broadcast, Max Miller
6th June 2022

The Rise And Future Of High End Episodic…

VFX Voice, Trevor Hogg
27th March 2022

Male Dominated VFX Academy Branch

Hollywood Reporter, Rebecca Keegan
15th March 2022

Celebrating Women in VFX

Broadcast, Jake Bickerton
16th December 2021

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: Milk’s Recently Posted

Televisual, Jon Creamer

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