4th October 2021

Meet The Runner MJ Cunha

VFX Wire
17th August 2021

Intergalactic Prison Break!

3D World, Trevor Hogg
30th July 2021

Milk 2021 Showreel: Review

VFX Wire
4th June 2021

Behind The Scenes: Intergalactic

ibc.org, Adrian Pennington
18th May 2021

Milk Orchestrates An Intergalactic Escape Plan

VFX Voice, Trevor Hogg
17th May 2021

Milk Goes Intergalactic On VFX For Sky One

Creative Cow, Brielyn Clayton
17th May 2021

Intergalactic – Visual Effects By Milk

The Illusion Almanac, Graham Edwards
17th May 2021

Milk Creates VFX For Sky’s Intergalactic Series

Randi Altman, PostPerspective
17th May 2021

Milk Goes Intergalactic

CGW, Karen Moltenbrey

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