Head of 2D

Location: London

The Head of 2D oversees 2D workflow, and overall creative success of the 2D department.

Head of 2D Duties:

  • Proactively anticipate issues with existing workflow, technology and staffing, and present solutions to management with sufficient time for action to be taken.
  • Suggest efficient techniques to keep bids competitive and minimize unnecessary production needs and labour.
  • Collaborate with 2D pipeline developers on tools and procedures.
  • Prepare and document workflows and best practices, organizing them to be readily accessible to staff via the wiki.
  • Works with Production to ensure department resources are balanced across all projects.
  • Assist with balancing workload and assignments with artists’ creative strengths to provide clients with the best possible result.
  • Coordinate with Production to manage artists and ensure consistent high quality of work from the 2D teams.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues across 2D departments with Pipeline.
  • Participate in breaking down and bidding 2D work for new projects.
  • Cultivate a team-oriented approach across the department and company as a whole. Address any interpersonal conflicts promptly and in a collaborative manner.
  • Establish and advise on priorities for 2D rendering.
  • In collaboration with HR, participate in hiring, onboarding, training, performance reviews and releasing 2D staff.
  • Communicate a consistent and compelling picture of the company’s position as a world-class VFX studio to clients and staff.


Required Skills :

  • 10+ years in 2D; comfortable leading artists specializing in all areas of 2D.
  • Able to perform as a senior compositor.
  • Role model in conflict resolution and ability to provide insight into complex situations for the team
  • Highly organized individual who enjoys the creative process and managing a department/ team


To apply, please fill out an application form by clicking here. 

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